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Dr. Naresh Malhotra

Vice President - GED

Dr. Varun Gupta

Executive Vice President

Prof. Dr Kemal Yildirim

Chief Academic Strategist


I am very glad to apply at On Sky Global and had a very good experience. Course materials were good, the mentoring approach was good, and working with other people via the Internet was good. My instructor Henry Patt is very good and I think it’s a very solid course.

I took a 12-week business course and I learned more at On Sky Global course than at my MBA 1 year traditional course. The class is almost identical to a graduate level. Of course, I will recommend. A lot of online courses fail because of the isolation.

Very well articulated content. Professional and well in line with current trends. Must recommended for business related training programs to aspirants and managers. The course has given me an in depth knowledge on Leadership & Management.

I have learned a lot from the course and I am absolutely sure that I can apply everything I have learned in the course to solve product usability problems. The instructor did a good job of communicating and making it a more intimate arrangement.

I am so glad I found On Sky Global! The certificate courses under technology stream are awesome. Great people! Love the learning environment! Highly recommended and affordable! Anyone can learn at their own pace. I’m sure I’ll refer to them often.

I have gained a lot from OSG ever since I joined about one month ago though the discussions that I had which helped me understand and know how to apply the classroom knowledge outside class. Its features are no where else in the world. Keep up the good work!

This is the best place to be. I am having an amazing time at ON SKY GLOBAL, The eClassrom, Peers Assessment, Assignment, and Quiz, all these looks lovely and easy as in a real time and digitalize classroom. I'm having fun while learning.

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